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The Corporate-Governmental Shellgame in Healthcare, part 1

….or why you should trust a street game of three-card monte more than government run healthcare.

When discussing healthcare, there are two issues that are frequently conflated.  They should not be.  They should be as clearly separated in discussing the politics of healthcare as two issues can be.  They are:

1) The medical care itself which is……

The Other Side of the Baby Budget

There Are Still Perfectly Good Forty Dollar Babies.

Speaking of babies, I was interested in the article in a recent number of The Century reciting the high cost (in terms of money) of bringing them into the world. The figures quoted were accurate enough as regards the conditions stated, but……

Ryancare. The Swamp-thing wins. You lose.

It’s a mentality. It’s a culture. It’s a way of doing business. And it is what Mr. Trump promised to fix. It is The Swamp. Now The Swamp beckons Mr. Trump to become part of it, too. He should resist this impulse at all costs. If he doesn’t, The Swamp wins and everybody else loses…….