….or why Dems now have a Jew-Hatred Problem.

Do you call yourself a hater? Of course you don’t. Haters never identify themselves as such. What they sometimes do, however, is adopt identity politics as a mask to hide actual or potential hatred.

As an alternative to identity politics, how about adopting the identity of the common culture instead? The common culture is, in fact, tolerant and welcoming of new ideas. (But they have to be good ideas.) Progressives can’t or won’t do that because they’ve been convinced by cultural elites that there is something wrong with traditional values, even though there actually isn’t.

Why do the elites try to substitute one set of values for another? Because they cannot or do not recognize the actual processes involved in beneficial cultural adaptation; processes which can be objectively characterized and validated. This will always be the weakness of identity politics; i.e. it steers away from objective process. Further, It is a weakness based in unjustified intellectual and moral vanity.

As far as the recent election of some members of the new Congress is concerned, let us say this as clearly as we possibly can…Illan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were elected because of their racism. Their racism is inherent to their ideology and their ideology is political Islam.

Jew-Hatred.  The oldest hatred on the books now on display in the US Congress courtesy of the Democratic Party.