Or…parents, think twice before sending your kid to become one of the living dead.

The zombie apocalypse is here.  It is no longer mere science fiction.  The living dead are among us and they are in charge of higher education.  College Presidents and Deans for the Enforcement of Ideological Purity (also known as Deans of Diversity) have given themselves over to cult-like group-think.  And, as zombies do, they make more zombies.  In fact, that is their raison d’etre, to make as many zombies as possible.  The end result being fewer and fewer free-thinking young people to carry on the responsibilities of citizenship and furthering the cause of civilization.

One hallmark of sclerotic thinking is the dogmatic adherence to and compulsive use of buzzwords.   Buzzwords are employed by the intellectually indecisive and the morally obtuse.  Hence, the zombies can use them without the need for further examination of the ideas on which the words are based.  Case in point – A recent letter by President Steven Pozkanser of Carleton College, a small liberal arts college in rural Minnesota.   Feel free to substitute the name of any institution of higher learning and the message is the same.  By calculated omission, President Pozkanser has pulled a classic bait and switch, substituting a slavish and ill-considered mentality in exchange for a good deal of Western civilization.  Here is his manifesto:

Hard Conversations, Carleton Voice, Summer 2016.

All the buzzwords and catch-phrases are here:  valuing diversity, genuinely inclusive, racism, Islamophobia, economic inequality, sexual misconduct, prejudice and exclusion.  To insure no deviant thinking, trained facilitators are brought to bear on those still able to ask questions for themselves.  Uniformity of thought and action is the goal.  Young people whose formative intellectual years are most influenced by the thoughts and opinions of their professors are the semi-captive audience at which this indoctrination is aimed.

Exploring the ideas and the conditions that give rise to a civil society and what makes them different from illiberal societies through the study of literature and history has been kicked to the curb.  To substitute what is de facto racism (preference for skin color or economic background over academic aptitude) for the ideas zombiethat prop-up our culture is to declare one preferable over the other.  And, in fact, the things President Pozkanser ostensibly deplores, “tensions along cultural and political fault lines” are being made worse by the ideas he and his ilk are foisting on the minds of the young.  Sorry Mr. College President, but you are killing our culture.

It is the unfortunate methodology of the zombies in charge of higher education nation-wide.  They have given up on the ideas leading to good citizenship with its attendant rights and responsibilities.  They have given up on the ideas that make for a free and civil society.  They have given up on the idea of history and making important distinctions about how the past is different from the present.  They have given up on the moral and intellectual development of young people.  They have given up on the idea of preserving what is good about the present for shallow and insubstantial points of view.  They have given up the valuable for specious and flamboyant displays of discontent.

Our intellectuals, the supposed guardians of ideas and traditions are the new dogmatists.  And contrary to his assertions, President Pozkanser’s choices do not rest on rock-solid intellectual and pedagogical foundations.  They rest on zombified group-think.