Antifa and the institution of corporate sponsored tribalism.

Antifa are not anti-fascist. They have brought to American shores a political style of thuggery more in line with European political movements of the early 20th century. Do not let the name distract you. While they claim to be anti-fascist, their method and rhetoric are more in tune with Leftist totalitarianism. Despite the widespread invocation of Nazism or Italian Fascists, the closest approximation to a similar thug-like political movement was Republicanism during the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930’s. Again, don’t let the name fool you, The Spanish Republicans were Leftist totalitarians backed by Stalin in Russia. The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was a proxy war pitting the Republicans (Communists) against the Nationalists (conservation of the hereditary aristocracy). The Nationalists were backed by Mussolini and Hitler and over time became increasingly like their sponsors, i.e. fascist in nature. Leading up to the war, both sides were able to keep their extremist elements in check. As rhetoric became more heated, non-violent political process began to fail. Extremist elements on both sides took control, became armed thru the backing of their outside sponsors and war erupted. Francisco Franco became a military strongman-caudillo figure, separating himself from outside sponsors, won the war, and established himself as sole dictator of Spain until his death in 1975.  Yes, we know.  The political labels can be tedious and difficult to decipher but are that way for historical reasons.  It is not the labels, so much, that are important but what the the groups stand for and promote that is important.

Idi Amin Takes Stock

To be sure, Antifa is a Totalitarian movement antithetical to American principles and practice. They have ostensibly set themselves up as being against fascist ideas and placed themselves on a higher moral plane against their political opponents who they have labeled as fascist. They are not anti-fascist. They are anti-American. It is simply a matter of rhetorical convenience for them to contrast themselves against fringe group Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists in an attempt to create confusion in the public mind and smear a duly elected president and those who voted for him. Main stream media attempts to further the cause of Antifa can be seen by also labeling the current administration as anti-American. Daily fabrications by CNN, the New York Times and others are the product of the propaganda effort to coerce a change in our country and political process.

Recalling the outline in Part 1 of this series as a guide to Leftist method…

• Europeans colonized other parts of the world.
• Colonization is bad because it’s oppressive to the indigenous people.
• All Europeans are white.
• Ipso facto, all white people are bad.
• Guilt works as an effective emotional lever.
• The Left will guilt Whites into their agenda.

White Man’s Burden

And the coerced political change Leftist totalitarians have in mind? Co-opting the Rule of Law, wide-spread anti-American sentiment, and replacing market economies with centralized statist control. Since whites are the majority cultural group in America, the method is aimed primarily at them in a broader effort to induce doubt in the minds of individuals. You see…the white majority in Europe and America is guilty. It is guilty of a whole host of sins including economic predominance, inherent differences between the sexes, political hegemony within America and Europe, and horrors-of-all-horrors…colonialism. And it is guilt regardless of the degree of removal from the original sin. This is actually no sin at all but they try to make it one to further their agenda. The violence and rhetoric of the last week over Confederate monuments is a perfect example of their method. Political opportunists on the Left speak and act as if slavery is in the here-and-now and that they are the victims of it and the Confederates who practiced it should be judged by the standards of now; when the reality is no one living now has been either slave or slave-owner and all of the Confederates are dead. There is no one left to punish.

If one looks in the past long enough and hard enough, there are all manner of things to be offended by. Intellectual and emotional maturity demands a more thoughtful and detached approach. For the political leaders of the Left, it is difficult to tell whether they whole-heartedly agree with the condemnation of a distant past and want to flog people in the present out of sheer spite or whether theirs is the more cynical approach; that is, knowing full well that condemning the present for what happened in the past is intellectually flabby and they do it anyway to gain emotional advantage. We think it is a combination of both, depending on the individual and degree of personal corruption and / or professional political cynicism.

Bill Gates, Jr.

In part 3 of this series, we described Cultural Marxism and its offshoots in an effort to describe the intellectual method of inverting the stratification of America based in meritocracy. Meritocracy is a defining principle of Americanism: i.e. you rise or fall based on personal attributes, hard work, self-conscious awareness of the principle itself and yes, sometimes the unearned factors of luck and being in the right place at the right time. The upending of the stratification is to further the goal of an un-stratified society where everyone is the same; colorless, sexless, humorless, and living the same unfulfilling existence based on standards set about by unquestionable and unaccountable political masters. No, Virginia, this is not your father’s Soviet Union. We have progressed far beyond where this would be possible again.

It is what we call the Globalist-Corporate Existence: Traditional American societal and political mechanisms displaced to achieve dreckish egalitarianism as envisioned by a technologically based self-appointed elite working through the mechanism of a co-opted US government, UN government or other corporatist structure. The substitution of traditional meritocratic values goes hand-in-hand with the substitution of traditional morality.  Corporate ethics are fine as long as they stay confined to the functions and limitations of corporations.  Displaced out into the wider society and combined with the tribalism of identity politics is a recipe for disaster.  Say good-bye to femininity and masculinity. Say good-bye to fashion and art.  Such will be the end-result of politics as practiced by the corporatized upper echelons of the American Left.

Mark Zuckerberg

Things never work out the way the social engineers want them to, however. People generally resist having their lives planned for them and start pushing back. The bitter fruit of similar efforts can be seen in the increasing tensions and political turmoil in Europe. The formation of vigilante groups is never a good sign in a healthy, functioning society. People start to identify and cluster with those most like them…it becomes the reversion to tribalism, another dynamic antithetical to American values. The violence of Antifa is another example of both the method and the outcome. The response to Antifa is radicalization of the political Right and escalating violence.  America is already based in tolerance and absorption of the new. These traditional mechanisms are already in place and have been since the inception of America.  Reversion to tribalism disguised in identity politics is a sure means to barbarism.