….or where might liberalism and conservatism actually agree?

Crony capitalism is NOT voluntary exchange operating by free market principals. Crony capitalism is another name for Corporatism; in fact, a type of involuntary or stealth collectivism. Crony capitalism is antithetical to free markets and the idea of individual freedom.  Corporatism has been the modus operandi of both Democrats and Republicans for at least the last 50 years.

The military-industrial-complex is the prototypical model for corporatism.  Industrialists and central planners of whatever political persuasion have used the model to mold the body politic in exactly this image over generations.  Besides the military-industrial-complex, we now have the educational-industrial-complex, and with the advent of ObamaCare we now have the medical-pharmaceutical-governmental complex.  It is not direct control of industry by government. No, no, no.  That would be too grossly obvious.  What there is involves control of corporate entities including higher education through regulatory fiat by an over-reaching Federal government.  This leaves the average citizen feeling alienated and unrequited in his or her pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

In the daily to-and-fro of American politics this dynamic is lost on many people.  We are given a false choice and we are asked which type of Corporatism we as individuals favor. Republican or Democrat? Establishment Republicans or Establishment Democrats then write laws written by industry lobbyists to gain economic advantage for their own team.  When forced to abide by the rules just written into law by either team, the rest of America gets dragged along and our freedom to make unrestricted choices become ever more constrained.  Once political advantage is gained, it is hard to let go with one side cheering victory at the expense of the loser. Over time, the dynamic leads to the American public as the only loser and wealthy, politically connected individuals as the winners. Watching the scrimmaging over and control of the apparatus that makes corporatism possible has grown tiresome.

Corporatism has seized the control over production instead of individuals controlling their own decisions in an environment of coercion-free exchange.  This is an encroachment on God given liberty and the ability to control your own life.  How about favoring neither team? Ahh…there we go. How about the rejection of Corporatism all together?  How about sending both Democrats and Republicans to the shower room after ejecting them from the game?  How to do that?

Make the playing field a lot smaller so there is less to tussle over.