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Robert Mueller and the Bureaucratic Coup.

… and political slow plays that don’t work.*

You’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat for more than two years now.  You’ve been fed lie after lie after lie after lie by the complicit and lapdog American media. The 24/7/365 non-stop Trump-Russian Collusion gambit has run its course and been shown to be the……

Identity Politics – Let The Hate Begin

….or why Dems now have a Jew-Hatred Problem.

Do you call yourself a hater? Of course you don’t. Haters never identify themselves as such. What they sometimes do, however, is adopt identity politics as a mask to hide actual or potential hatred.

As an alternative to identity politics, how about adopting the identity of the common culture……

The Corporate-Governmental Shellgame in Healthcare, part 1

….or why you should trust a street game of three-card monte more than government run healthcare.

When discussing healthcare, there are two issues that are frequently conflated.  They should not be.  They should be as clearly separated in discussing the politics of healthcare as two issues can be.  They are:

1) The medical care itself which is……

Donald Trump and the Modern Corporate State, part 1

….or where might liberalism and conservatism actually agree?

Crony capitalism is NOT voluntary exchange operating by free market principals. Crony capitalism is another name for Corporatism; in fact, a type of involuntary or stealth collectivism. Crony capitalism is antithetical to free markets and the idea of individual freedom.  Corporatism has……

Social Security and your Uncle Sam

…or why Charles Ponzi wasn’t as much of a liar as your average US Senator.

Yes. This is a part of socialism. Social Security is a socialized insurance scheme. Allowing the government to handle money YOU earned yields a NEGATIVE return on investment.  Imagine, if you will….

…working your entire life……

Naval Bombardments and Mr. Trump

The strike conducted by the US Military in the pre-dawn hours Friday morning on a Syrian Air Base was a classic naval bombardment using new style weapons.  The weapons employed were 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles which travel at sub-sonic speeds, are terrain hugging, and can carry payloads of different types.  The payloads employed last week were……

Ryancare. The Swamp-thing wins. You lose.

It’s a mentality. It’s a culture. It’s a way of doing business. And it is what Mr. Trump promised to fix. It is The Swamp. Now The Swamp beckons Mr. Trump to become part of it, too. He should resist this impulse at all costs. If he doesn’t, The Swamp wins and everybody else loses…….

A Certain Kind of Desperation

It has been almost two months since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. With his election we feel compelled to express our desires for his next four and possibly eight years.  Towards that end, we have constructed a Mount Rushmore, of sorts, included as the image below.  With the composited picture……