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Megyn Kelly – not so clever

Demimondaine Commentariat … all the while sporting a Hairdo and Lip Gloss.

The economist F.A. Hayek defined an intellectual as a “professional secondhand dealer in ideas” with secondhand meaning second in the order of the transmission of ideas.  Experts – academics, scholars, or other original thinkers – are the source……

Sam Harris – not so clever

What the recreational drug Ecstasy, a medical scanner, and religion have to do with each other.  Or…why Sam the scientist can’t stop playing with his belly-button…er, rather…fMRI machine.

True ecstasy.  No, not the recreational drug called by the same name.  The real thing.  What is it exactly?  There is one and only one of its kind. ……

Richard Dawkins – not so clever

Has Richard Dawkins been proven correct over time? He addresses the issue of the existence of God – an age old question – with what seems to be scientific investigation. He is a scientist after all. What he has written and the ideas he espouses are the products of science, right? The answer is…no.

His hypothesis……