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Robert Mueller and the Bureaucratic Coup.

… and political slow plays that don’t work.*

You’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat for more than two years now.  You’ve been fed lie after lie after lie after lie by the complicit and lapdog American media. The 24/7/365 non-stop Trump-Russian Collusion gambit has run its course and been shown to be the……

The Corporate-Governmental Shellgame in Healthcare, part 1

….or why you should trust a street game of three-card monte more than government run healthcare.

When discussing healthcare, there are two issues that are frequently conflated.  They should not be.  They should be as clearly separated in discussing the politics of healthcare as two issues can be.  They are:

1) The medical care itself which is……

Social Security and your Uncle Sam

…or why Charles Ponzi wasn’t as much of a liar as your average US Senator.

Yes. This is a part of socialism. Social Security is a socialized insurance scheme. Allowing the government to handle money YOU earned yields a NEGATIVE return on investment.  Imagine, if you will….

…working your entire life……