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Opinion, Politics, Humor, Blasts of Reality.

School of Vice is dedicated to the idea of personal liberty.  There is an ebb and flow to the history of ideas.  And ideas always matter.  They matter to how we perceive ourselves and our culture.  We are at a time in history where the Western World is losing touch with the traditions and values that have brought us to this point.  We pledge ourselves to defend these ideas with vigorous and thought provoking debate.

School of Vice is named after a reference to a London social club made by the Member of Parliament and historian Edward Gibbon.  Mention is made of the establishment in correspondence to his stepmother written in 1766.  Gibbon was most likely referring to White’s Club which is still in existence.  Current membership of White’s includes heirs to the British throne.

Virtue is Reason Completely Developed. Cicero, The Law.

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School of Vice is seeking contributors.  We are looking for pieces of between 500 and 2000 words.  Please contact our editor at: http://schoolofvice.com/contact/.  All serious inquiries considered.