It has been almost two months since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. With his election we feel compelled to express our desires for his next four and possibly eight years.  Towards that end, we have constructed a Mount Rushmore, of sorts, included as the image below.  With the composited picture there is the risk of committing a major blunder.

We have placed The Donald in the company of some heady (pun intended) figures; one from Eighteenth Century America, one from the Nineteenth, and one from the Twentieth Century.  Alexander Hamilton, of course, was not an American President.  But, he was instrumental in crafting the document that guides our nation, a leading Federalist, and America’s first Secretary of the Treasury.  The stature of Lincoln requires no explanation. The choice of Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, does.  His vision and legacy are of the most recent memory and the most associated with Conservatism in the minds of people living today.  Other candidates for most conservative president of the Twentieth Century would be Coolidge, Eisenhower and Nixon.  Coolidge is too distant a memory.  Eisenhower would be a good choice but we prefer Reagan’s ability to articulate policy choices to make them intelligible to all people, at home and abroad.  Nixon’s policy choices were mixed and he is remembered for Watergate more than anything else.  No criminals, please.

The potential blunder we risk is including a figure of unknown competence as president.  It is the same blunder committed by the Nobel Committee awarding a Peace Prize to an equally unknown quantity; namely, Barrack Obama at the beginning of his Presidency.  We are at least more honest in describing our decision as to whom to include on our Mount Rushmore of Conservatism as one of expectations rather than demonstrated accomplishment.  That is, we have high hopes that President Trump will live up to his campaign rhetoric and, unlike most politicians, successfully implement the policies he gives voice to.

The background for the composited picture is from the movie Fight Club.  Indeed, Mr. Trump will require his best moves to deal with the forces arrayed against him.  Those forces include a humbled but deeply entrenched GOP establishment (GOPe), a shell-shocked but livid Democratic Party, Wall Street, the main stream media, the education establishment, much of the Federal Government itself, and Hollywood.  All of the above have a stake in keeping a dysfunctional Washington establishment intact.  It is their meal-ticket after all.  Too, the extent of the government provided meal-ticket has been building up over not just the last eight years.  Oh, no, no, no.  The number and types of people grown fat on Federal largesse has been building up over the last twenty-four years in the form of crony capitalism; a revolving door between government, the media, industry and academia; and the formation of political dynasties.

Hunger is a powerful motivator.  When the gravy train is threatened, people can become, well…desperate. To that end… We wish Mr. Trump fair winds and following seas; an old term for smooth sailing.  We expect, however, this will turn into a brawl.