Monthly archives: August, 2017

The Long, Slow March Towards Idiocy, part 4

Antifa and the institution of corporate sponsored tribalism.

Antifa are not anti-fascist. They have brought to American shores a political style of thuggery more in line with European political movements of the early 20th century. Do not let the name distract you. While they claim to be anti-fascist, their method and rhetoric are more in tune……

Theological Francis versus Theological Tyson – Part 2

Modernity as another in a line of Catholic schisms.

Christian Theology, you ask? Well…that there is one big can of worms. Actually, it’s more like a 2000 year old tangle of cobwebs. Dusty. Old. Took a really, really long time to accumulate. So, so many threads. And once you walk into them, engaging with them, trying……