Monthly archives: September, 2016

Social Justice – Wall Street Style

How a family-owned newspaper became a mouthpiece for the world’s oligarchs.

Remember when The Wall Street Journal used to stand for something?  It used to stand for laissez-faire, Adam Smith Capitalism.  Free and open markets.  A lightly regulated economy.  A small but efficient Federal government.  Original constitutionalism.  Separation of Church and State.  Balanced budgets.  That was……

Zombie Academics

Or…parents, think twice before sending your kid to become one of the living dead.

The zombie apocalypse is here.  It is no longer mere science fiction.  The living dead are among us and they are in charge of higher education.  College Presidents and Deans for the Enforcement of Ideological Purity (also known as Deans of Diversity) have given themselves……